Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dallas, TX – Brent Brooks of Brooks Labradors LLC has been named December 2011 Breeder of the Month by BreedersUSA. Brent Brooks is scheduled as a guest on “Barking up the Wrong Tree” a show co-hosted by BreedersUSA’s Daniel Hect and Michelangelo on 12.2.2011.

Brooks Labradors LLC is a family-owned business that breeds top-quality Labrador retrievers in the rural Dallas, Texas, area. The company focuses on breeding what it calls “True Retrievers with a Classic Build.” Brooks Labrador retrievers are known for being well-balanced companion dogs with exceptional temperaments.

Recently Brooks Labradors LLC was chosen by Southeastern Guide Dogs as a provider of puppies, because of the reputation they have earned for the quality of their dogs. Southeastern Guide Dogs is a 29-year-old organization that partners visually impaired individuals with well-trained guide dogs. In addition to guide dogs, the organization provides companion and therapy dogs for children and veterans.

Brooks Labradors LLC hand raises all of its puppies for maximum socialization. In addition, the company has a medical screening program that helps to minimize the occurrence of a variety of genetic disorders, including Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Exercise Induced Collapse and Centronuclear Myopathy. The company also certifies the condition of their dogs’ hips and elbows through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, and their eyes through the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

“Our dogs are attentive Labradors that match your mood,” says Brent Brooks. “Our dogs are ready to play when you’re ready to play, ready to work when it’s time to work and will fall asleep at your feet when you’re ready to relax.” -Brent Brooks, Brooks Labradors

Recently Brooks Labradors LLC has expanded their breeding program to include training for Diabetic Alert Dogs. With a family of six children, the Brooks family is passionate about bringing health, safety and freedom to both children and adults suffering from diabetes.

BreedersUSA is an online pet community, now in its 12th year, that provides comprehensive listings of American Kennel Club-compliant dog breeders. Each month the organization chooses a breeder as its Breeder of the Month. Daniel Hect, President of BreedersUSA and a top breeder of German shepherds, has final responsibility for the choice.

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