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January 2008 Breeder of the Month

Press Release Sponsored By BreedersUSA

BreedersUSA January 2008

Breeder of the Month

Moreno Valley CA. January 1, 2008-BreedersUSA is proud to announce that Lucene Kennels as BreedersUSA’s January 2008 Breeders of the Month. The mother, daughter team of Jeanine Sudinski and Mechelle Sudinski-Stall is recognized for their outstanding leadership, devotion, and support to the Dachshund and Rottweiler community World Wide.

Jeanine and have been World-Class Breeder, Conformation Handlers and Trainers for many different breeds for nearly 55 years. They have been blessed to have loved, owned, shown, trained and produced some of "THE LEGENDS OF THEIR BREEDS."

Jeanine Sudinski attended her first dog show at the Chicago Sportsman's Pier at the tender age of 18. Jeanine watched a man and his handler discuss what he wanted done with the dogs with great interest.

When the excitement of the show was over Jeanine introduced herself and told the team how beautiful their dogs were. This is where Jeanine knew she would someday be a Great Showman of the dachshund breed.

Jeanine’s interest in Dachshunds resurfaced again in 1952 when working with a dog trainer and dachshund team on a TV commercial. Jeanine became a serious student of the breed, learning from legendary dachshund breeders; Grace Greenburg, Ed Hirshman, and Fred and Rose Heying.

After considerable research Jeanine bought her first Standard Smooth Dachshund. Jeanine applied the lessons of her mentors, and developed many champions and Best in Show winners that borne her "Lucene" kennel name.

Jeanine's leadership in the Dachshund community continued and she received her AKC judge’s license 1972. Jeanine's her first judging assignment was in the Northern California Dachshund Club specialty in 1973 where she judged 167 Dachshunds.

Many years of dedicated service to the Dachshunds community have passed and in 1996 Jeanine was honored to be the AKC Judge assigned to oversee the 4th Annual Dachshund Specialty in Melbourne, Australia; where she judged 538 of the best dachshunds in the world.

Jeanine's love for dogs was inherited by her daughter, Mechelle Sudinski-Stall. Mechelle started showing the Lucene Dachshunds in 1980, in her first show she placing in the Hound Group with Ch. Lucene’s Daily Double, and continued winning through the next 27 years. Jeanine and Mechelle have finished many champions of record as well as having the number one brood bitch in 2004.

Working together as a team, they have recorded unparallel wins in the Dachshund community. With all the Dachshund history who would think that Mechelle would have time for another breed. However Mechelle’s first love was a puppy Rottweiler at the age of 11. Mechelle’s Rottweiler became an odd addition to the dachshund family.

Mechelle’s Rottweiler “Lucene’s Rhoda of Rajamul, UD went on to complete her Utility Obedience Title in 1979.

“I would like to say that I feel very fortunate to have been around and seen the great dogs... I have seen, visited and been taught by many wonderful Dachshund breeders and owners of the historic Dachshund Kennels. In the last 55 plus years I have worked with the Dachshund community; I truly believe it was my privilege to be around so much excellence”. Jeanine Sudinski, Lucene Kennels

We are honored to be BreedersUSA’s January 2008 Breeder of the Month and we look forward meeting all of you in 2008.” Mechelle Sudinski-Stall, Lucene Kennels.

For additional information on Lucene Kennels. please contact Mechelle at Website:


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